Saturday, June 30, 2012

Offical launch of the The College Recruits Blog!

Today marks the beginning of The College Recruits blog for our little start-up.

Look for information from our founder on what it takes to get recruited to play golf on a college team, how to improve your game, or his thoughts on what's happening in the world of golf.

1st helpful hint - Develop a player resume.

The simple reason for a player resume is so a coach can know what a player has done, where they've been and how they have performed. The second benefit to a player resume is to get you organized so that you can communicate this important information to college coaches.

Some of the things to include in your player resume are:

Personal information:
  • Name
  • Address
  • Parent/guardian information
  • Contact information
School information:
  • High School Name
  • Graduation Year
  • GPA, ACT and SAT scores
  • High School Coach name and contact number
Home course information:
  • Name of the course
  • Head pro name and contact information
  • Instructors name and contact information
  • Each Tournament name, date, course played and # of rounds
  • Your score
  • Your place in the tournament/out of # of players
  • Website address for the tournament
Upcoming Tournaments
  • Tournament name, date, course and # of rounds
  • Website address for the tournament

Your job is to make sure the college coach that sees your resume knows how you've done, and where they can come watch you if they are interested.

Check back soon for the next recruiting tip.

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