Saturday, September 15, 2012

Another great milestone for The College Recruits

Our first coach emails have been sent highlighting our recruits!

Exposure is key to recruiting, and an important part of our value proposition is making sure we get exposure for our recruits in multiple ways. Tournaments, web profiles and communication with coaches.

Today we notified coaches and programs about our talented recruits.As soon as the emails went out, we started seeing coaches log onto the site and start viewing the golfers.

What a fantastic milestone, and even more exciting for the recruits and helping realize their dream of playing college golf come true.

Stay tuned for more updates.
Things are exciting at The College Recruits, Where Coaches and Recruits Connect!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

The site is live!!

We are officially launched!

Come visit Where Coaches and Recruits Connect!  to check out our brand new website.

As with everything we do, our purpose is to help high school golfers understand and participate in the recruiting process. We strive to accomplish this by working closely with those who have registered with the site and to provide them introductions to a variety of college programs, thus increasing the chances of finding a good fit.

By registering on the site, potential recruits will enter important resume information into their profile, keep track of all their tournament results in one place, keep track of all their upcoming tournaments and even download videos of their swings, club play and short game.They can tell us about their possible college program interests, and will have a place to display most every piece of information a coach may be interested in knowing.

Coaches who register for free get an opportunity to search for players by a variety of criteria, and tag individual players if they have an interest in watching them. They get exposure to players outside their normal recruiting region, and they get to learn of players who might be interested in playing for their program, which allows them to better target the use of their recruiting budget. In short we are a great tool to enhance recruiting for their programs.

Early success for the site!

We love that already more than 20% of the golfers at the tournament have trusted us to begin to help them with their recruiting needs, and that more than 50% of the coaches who attended are already registered with us for updates. We are working hard to increase those numbers daily, but the early success has us very enthusiastic.

Our approach

By looking at the various ways that coaches recruit, we think our recruits will get a chance to benefit from them all. We've provided a tournament for face to face exposure, and now we are providing them a way to centralize their recruiting profile while maximizing their potential to many possible college programs at the same time.

But that's not all - we are also working on camps and combines (more to come in the future on those.), and for those just starting out, we will be holding seminars in the Kansas City area this Fall and Spring. Come check us out!

The future is exciting for our golfers and for Where Coaches and Recruits Connect!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Tournament Results for the 1st Annual The College Recruits Invitational

What a great turnout for the 1st Annual The College Recruits Invitational held at Sunflower Hills on Friday, August 3rd.

In order to crown a winner, we had a 3-player sudden death playoff with the winner, Caleb Haight going par, birdie.

Complete tournament results are listed below:

Caleb Haight: Wichita Heights HS, 2014 - 74 
Chase Coble: Olpe HS, 2014 -74
Ben Maskus: St. James Academy, 2013 - 74
Drew Hill: Rockhurst High School, 2013 - 75
Aaron Williams: Tonganoxie HS, 2013 - 78
Collin Weems: Shawnee Mission NW HS, 2013 - 78
Charlie Rhinehart: Piper HS, 2013 - 79
Austin Hardison: Excelsior Springs HS, 2013 - 79
Marc McClain, Jr.: Bonner Springs HS, 2014 - 79
Tavin Dugan: Holton HS, 2013 - 79
Tristan Abts: Bonner Springs HS, 2013 - 79
Evan Shartzer: Blue Valley N HS, 2014- 81
TJ Pennington: Lawson HS, 2015 - 82
Ryan Elder: Wamego HS, 2016 - 82
Cole Crooker: Blue Valley N HS, 2013 - 82
Chris Hammond: Blue Valley NW HS, 2013 - 84
Cole Stelzer: St. James Academy, 2016 - 85
Drew Sandberg: Tonganoxie HS, 2014- 85
Montana Fasching: Piper HS, 2013 - 86
Jaden Richardson: Ness City HS, 2013 - 87
Ruger Hummel: Seaman HS, 2014 - 88
Alec Otting: Basehor-Linwood HS, 2013 - 89
Zayne Williams: Rockhurst HS, 2013- 90
Jake Laing: Bonner Springs HS, 2014 - 91
Chandler Stortz: Olathe East HS, 2014 - 94
Peter Williams: Rockhurst HS, 2014 - 98

Thanks to all coaches, parents and golfers for a great tournament.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

1st Annual The College Golf Recruits Invitational and more

Our first tournament is almost here!!!!

We are excited about the 1st Annual The College Golf Recruits Invitational this Friday, August 3rd.

We've had an amazing response from both players and coaches setting us up for a very successful inaugural tournament.

The talent of the players who have committed to the tournament is drawing a high caliber of coaches.

We have 2 NCAA DI coaches, an NCAA DII, and an NCAA DIII coach. In addition, we've got a coach from an NAIA school and 3 NJCAA coaches.What a great opportunity for the players to get exposure to a variety of programs and to maximize finding a good school fit for them.

Due to the overwhelming success of this first tournament, we are already starting to plan our tournaments for next summer and plan to expand our tournament series into 3 additional regions.

In addition to the tournaments, we have college recruiting seminars planned for this Fall and Spring, and are working on developing a camp for the players.

The website is nearly ready for launch, and we've already had kids and coaches log in and set up a profile.

Stay tuned for more upcoming news and recruiting tips.

The future is very exciting at The College Recruits! Where Coaches and Recruits Connect.

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Offical launch of the The College Recruits Blog!

Today marks the beginning of The College Recruits blog for our little start-up.

Look for information from our founder on what it takes to get recruited to play golf on a college team, how to improve your game, or his thoughts on what's happening in the world of golf.

1st helpful hint - Develop a player resume.

The simple reason for a player resume is so a coach can know what a player has done, where they've been and how they have performed. The second benefit to a player resume is to get you organized so that you can communicate this important information to college coaches.

Some of the things to include in your player resume are:

Personal information:
  • Name
  • Address
  • Parent/guardian information
  • Contact information
School information:
  • High School Name
  • Graduation Year
  • GPA, ACT and SAT scores
  • High School Coach name and contact number
Home course information:
  • Name of the course
  • Head pro name and contact information
  • Instructors name and contact information
  • Each Tournament name, date, course played and # of rounds
  • Your score
  • Your place in the tournament/out of # of players
  • Website address for the tournament
Upcoming Tournaments
  • Tournament name, date, course and # of rounds
  • Website address for the tournament

Your job is to make sure the college coach that sees your resume knows how you've done, and where they can come watch you if they are interested.

Check back soon for the next recruiting tip.